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Macrosoft Enhances Emergency Response System

Macrosoft’s Resources on-Demand manages restoration efforts during a storm or other emergency power outage. Five years ago, the first version was built for a single multi-state utility in the South East. With the addition of numerous clients serving 20 million customers in 16 states and Canada, Macrosoft has now unveiled its 4.0 version, offering new and improved features for utility executives.

Macrosoft’s Resources on-Demand (ROD) is a web browser-based, multi-user tool that provides utility executives, managers and supervisors with a tool to manage crews, other storm personnel, equipment, lodging, logistics support and the associated costs.

The 4.0 version leaps beyond earlier versions by using the enhanced Resources and Logistics Engine, providing the ability to set up teams, sites, work locations, vendors, order placement, order tracking, team transportation, meals and lodging down to individual team members. The advance logistics module enables utilities executives to know which teams are assigned to which op centers, where they are working/ sleeping/ eating, and what equipment they are using in a particular restoration event. Advanced dashboards provide high-level views on teams, lodging and logistics and enhanced reporting allow summaries
to be printed and used in Control Centers.

“Our clients recognize the inefficiencies of manual processing and spreadsheets to manage storms and appreciate a single central database ensuring consistent and accurate data entry and retrieval by concurrent users,” said Jason Singer, Director of Macrosoft’s Utilities Practice.

Clients say the Macrosoft system has allowed them to provide their ratepayers, media and regulatory agencies more accurate information both during and after a major event.

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