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Loudoun Electric Cooperative Installs New SCADA System

Survalent Technology has installed a new SCADA system for Fort Loudoun Electric Cooperative.

Fort Loudoun Electric Cooperative, headquartered in Vonore, Tennessee, serves approximately 32,000 customers and maintains over 2,700 miles of distribution line in portions of a three-county area including Blount, Loudon, and Monroe counties.

The new system features Survalent’s highly available, dual-redundant, open-architecture system based on Windows Server 2008. The feature-rich system incorporates many of Survalent’s open system applications, including: Remote Alarm Annunciation, IED Wizard, Control Panel, SCADA Add-in for MS Excel and Access, Command Sequencing, and MultiSpeak interfaces for Engineering Analysis, Outage Analysis, Load Management, and GIS.

"The use of the MultiSpeak standard for interoperability between utility systems continues to be a major trend in our industry." said Mike Bowdle, VP sales and marketing, Survalent Technology. “SCADA can provide real-time data to these other systems; for example, a breaker trip to create a validated event in the Outage Management System, or keeping SCADA graphics in sync with the GIS system. Interoperability of real-time data allows our customers to make better decisions and improves reliability.”

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