Distribution Transformer Meter

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Deploys Grid20/20 Solution

GRID20/20, Inc., a distribution transformer monitoring provider has announced that Los Angeles Department of Water and Power has successfully deployed its devices within targeted areas of the city.

GRID20/20 addresses a host of distribution optimization and automation needs, including critical asset loading data, preventive maintenance awareness, increased outage notification capability, costly power theft loss detection, conservation voltage enhancements, and many additional smart grid value propositions.

As LADWP continues its focus to maximize customer service delivery in the most cost effective manner, it is important that it install grid modernization tools like the GRID20/20 devices to monitor transformer health, and proactively address underperforming or failing assets.   LADWP commented that it looks forward to ongoing evaluation to ensure that its customers are enjoying the best service it can provide.

GRID20/20's patented sensing technology directly and immediately enables utilities to locate and terminate power theft, aids in cost-saving power conservation practices, and helps to reduce outages.  As the global customer base demands improved service reliability at a reasonable price, the team at GRID20/20 is providing a solution that targets these needs.

The United States reports $6 billion of stolen power from its utility grids each year.  Canada, Latin America and India are similarly burdened with significant losses that GRID20/20 can now identify. Clearly, the need for grid efficiency is incredibly large.   


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