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LogicaCMG Helps Dutch Energy Company Reduce the Cost of Managing its Assets with GIS

LogicaCMG has announced that it has won a contract for the delivery and implementation of a new Geospatial Information System (GIS) with the Dutch multi-utility company DELTA, located in the southwestern province of Zeeland. The project has now started and is scheduled for completion in spring 2007.

The new GIS will enable DELTA to optimize the quality and life cycle of its infrastructure and to manage its assets at lower cost. It is vitally important for DELTA to have a GIS, which, apart from managing and providing information on the infrastructure, is able to rapidly exchange data with other systems. GIS helps companies such as DELTA to rapidly identify affected areas of infrastructure during excavation work, utility breakdowns and other maintenance projects. This allows DELTA to take the necessary measures without delay.

Many other utilities, in the Netherlands and elsewhere, are discovering the advantages of modern Geospatial Information Systems for managing their infrastructure and are planning to replace their present systems. The DELTA project is therefore of great strategic importance for ESRI Nederland, ESRI Inc., and LogicaCMG.

The solution for DELTA is based on the ArcFM UT product manufactured by ESRI Inc. partner AED-SICAD based in Munich, Germany. The major advantage offered by ArcFM UT is that, in contrast to traditional GIS solutions, it can be implemented without much customer-specific software development.

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