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Lockheed Martin Launches Smart Grid Command and Control Software Suite

Lockheed Martin has launched its Smart Energy Enterprise Suite, or SEEsuite, of advanced grid management applications to give utilities, system operators and defense customers insight into their enterprise operations and command and control of their smart grid assets.

SEEsuite combines systems-of-systems integration, service oriented architectures, cyber security and mission-critical systems development with utility-specific functionality. SEEsuite helps customers dynamically manage load during times of grid stress or volatile market prices, integrate and balance load from distributed energy resources, increase situational awareness for advanced decision making, and deploy and manage 'microgrids' - portions of the electric grid able to operate independently of the overall grid.

SEEsuite applications include: SEEload for Distributed Energy Resource Management, SEEview for Smart Grid Situational Awareness and SEEgrid for Integrated Grid Management.

SEEload enables utilities and system operators to precisely and easily manage demand response events across an entire distribution network, including individual substations and circuits. SEEload also manages distributed energy resources including electric vehicles and energy storage devices to give utilities greater control over peak load and distributed energy resources.

SEEview integrates key operational and business systems to provide customers near real time situational awareness across generation, transmission, distribution, and customer systems. SEEview allows utilities' key decision makers to sense and respond quickly to changing market conditions, grid disturbances, and unplanned changes to their generation mix.

SEEgrid enables utilities to optimize the utilization of distributed energy resources to improve grid reliability, meet renewable energy and emissions targets, and reduce the cost of delivered electricity. SEEgrid also allows defense customers to effectively go 'off-grid' for enhanced energy security during times of natural or man-made disasters.

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