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Lockheed Martin Demonstrates Distribution Management-Enabled Demand Response

Lockheed Martin demonstrated the integration of its SEEload Demand Response Management solution with Oracle Utilities Network Management System at Distributech 2010 in Tampa, Florida. The integration of these smart grid software products provides utility system operators with greater flexibility and allows them to request demand response events from within the distribution management system to help resolve localized grid disturbances.

Demand response programs compensate customers for temporary reductions of discretionary load during times of grid stress or high market prices, and are increasingly viewed as an essential way to meet growing demand, to comply with peak load and emissions reduction targets, and to help customers control energy costs. Now, utilities can also dynamically implement DR to stabilize local portions of the grid.

SEEload is one of Lockheed Martin's SEEsuite Smart Grid Command and Control applications, and enables utilities and independent system operators to manage demand response events across an entire distribution network, including substations and individual feeders. SEEload provides complete DR lifecycle management, including DR program definition and customer enrollment, real-time DR event management, and post-event DR analytics.

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