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LBiSat Launches Satellite IP Communications Service for Utilities

LBiSat has launched a satellite IP service designed to help utility companies meet industry regulations and improve their operational costs. Based on the iDirect Evolution platform, the service equips utility companies with two-way, broadband connectivity to support a broad range of applications from monitoring unmanned electrical substations and power generation facilities to expanding automatic data collection from rural customers.

With LBiSat's satellite broadband service, utility companies can monitor SCADA devices, as well as extend broadband applications such as video surveillance, VoIP and corporate data access to remote substations. The satellite service can also be leveraged to manage green energy sites located deep into remote geographies where terrestrial networks are not readily accessible and to support the real-time monitoring of energy load distribution across every substation and customer location.

"Recent advancements have transformed satellite connectivity into an affordable and highly reliable transport technology, which today can cost less than a typical DSL line. Utility companies are discovering that satellite communications has a unique and important role to play in advancing their smart grid business initiatives. Our investment in iDirect's leading IP platform enables LBiSat to deliver the best possible service to the utility industry at an attractive price," said Rodger Lyman, president and CEO of LBiSat.

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