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Latvia to Significantly Expand Network Information System

Latvia's national energy company Latvenergo has ordered a significant expansion to its network information system from Tekla. The order includes the Xpower system, WebMap and mobile licenses as well as the expansion of the network maintenance management application to cover all of Latvia.

The order is an addition to the frame agreement signed in 2003 and the expansion of the network information system in 2005. Currently, Tekla Xpower is in use throughout Latvia.
Latvenergo is using Tekla Xpower extensively, and the order is significant to the Infra & Energy business area as well: Latvenergo is Tekla's largest Tekla Xpower customer in terms of the number of users, reports Kai Lehtinen, director of Tekla Infra & Energy.
The Tekla Xpower system is based on Tekla's model-based technology. The system covers the entire life cycle of energy distribution networks: for instance network documentation, planning and construction functions, network calculations, operational support, maintenance and customer service. The Tekla Xpower system is used by more than 70 companies in seven countries
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