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Landis+Gyr Announces Next-Generation Gridstream

Landis+Gyr has launched its Series V next-generation Gridstream smart grid technology aimed at providing utilities with a solution through an upgradeable platform capable of adapting to future applications and communication protocols – all without stranding existing assets.

Landis+Gyr's Gridstream Series V allows utilities to adopt an open, interoperable, and highly-secure smart grid solution that will deliver the highest performance and reliability in the industry. In addition, it provides a clear migration path for existing smart metering and distribution automation customers – compatible with today's Gridstream offering and upgradable to the next generation solution.

Smart grid networks enhance the efficiency and reliability of the electric grid by providing utilities with a dedicated data network that meets utilities' strict requirements to deliver power from traditional, renewable and distributed generation energy sources. Gridstream provides the intelligence and connectivity to manage smart grid functions from the home to the grid to the utility office on a single secure network, providing utilities important monitoring and control points throughout their distribution networks.

This versatile next-generation solution is the logical evolution of today's Gridstream network platform, with the same meshing capability and support for advanced metering, distribution grid automation and home energy management applications; but with industry leading processing power, performance and upgradeability to adapt to new protocols and industry standards.

Notable enhancements to the next generation Gridstream network, with initial shipments beginning in the third quarter of 2012, include:

  • Support for IPV6 and compatibility with emerging IEEE and IETF open communication and networking protocols at all levels of the network.
  • Network performance that allows multiple applications over a single network and takes advantage of a 300% increase in data rate to support performance needs of distribution grid applications such as volt/VAR, fault detection, and demand side management.
  • Open computing platform with headroom to support growth in both processing and memory as utility needs change. This open platform, designed for flexibility and high performance, allows for multiple applications to run simultaneously and provides the platform necessary to allow the integration of future third party applications.
  • Migration paths that reduce risk and provide options that offer backward compatibility with existing Gridstream devices, thus enabling utilities to add new generation devices as they become available and upgrade system performance when and where it is needed.

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