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Knoxville Utilities Board Upgrades to ArcFM GIS

The Knoxville Utilities Board will replace its geospatial data system with Telvent’s ArcFM Geographic Information System (GIS) and ArcFM extensions to support its four public services.

Municipally owned KUB currently provides electric, gas, water, and wastewater services to more than 439,000 customers in Knox County, Tennessee, and parts of seven surrounding counties. KUB chose ArcFM GIS - the central information system of smart grid strategies being implemented by utilities worldwide - to improve utility system models and process efficiency, and ultimately enhance its service to customers and community.

Through a competitive-bidding process, it carefully scrutinized GIS systems to find the best system to meet its specific needs. KUB looked for a GIS that would help improve work efficiency throughout the utility businesses by accommodating subsequent asset management system integration. It also sought a system that would interface with more and easier-to-use tools that support asset-driven work across the organization, including tools for map editing, map production, query, and analysis.

KUB indicated its ArcFM users will be accessing more information, through a map interface, from enterprise systems such as the customer information system, outage management system, laboratory information management system, financial management system, supervisory control and data acquisition system, and data warehouse.

Further, the ArcFM solution will allow KUB to extend the core GIS with integrated ArcFM Server for web-based viewing, ArcFM Viewer for query and display, the Redliner extension for office or field redlining and sketching, the Inspector extension for feature attribute editing, and the Designer graphic design application.

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