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Kentucky Utilities to Implement Automated Demand Response Program

EnerNOC, Inc. will implement an automated demand response (AutoDR) program for Louisville Gas and Electric and Kentucky Utilities Co. (LG&E and KU). As the program implementer in this three-year agreement, EnerNOC will collaborate with LG&E and KU to recruit and enroll a set of the utility’s commercial customers to participate in demand response. LG&E and KU will also have the ability to access customized dashboards and reports through EnerNOC’s comprehensive demand response application, DemandSMART. These Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tools allow the utility to dispatch, monitor, and measure performance of demand response resources throughout its service territory.

LG&E and KU serve nearly 1 million electric customers across more than 90 counties in Kentucky and Virginia. Through this program, LG&E and KU and EnerNOC will focus specifically on commercial customers who are able to shed non-essential electricity usage temporarily in exchange for incentive payments from the utility. As the program implementer, EnerNOC will work with building staff at each participating site to create a customized energy curtailment plan that maximizes energy reduction opportunities with minimal impact on business operations. Common strategies include raising thermostat settings by a few degrees, changing ventilation patterns, or cutting back on non-essential lighting.

In addition, EnerNOC will provide LG&E and KU on-site metering and communications equipment that allows utility staff to monitor demand response resources in real time through EnerNOC’s SaaS interface. These secure, web-based tools provide customized, real time dispatch and reporting functionality that enables LG&E and KU to deploy resources when and where they are needed. In addition, participating businesses will have access to similar tools through DemandSMART, which can be used to monitor and maximize their curtailment opportunities, and in turn, their program participation payments. DemandSMART offers customers real-time energy usage data both during and outside of curtailment events, which helps with the identification of additional energy savings opportunities.

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