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KCP&L Selects Intergraph Smart Grid Technology

KCP&L has selected Intergraph smart grid technology for a demonstration project funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 to improve network operations and efficiency in an economically challenged area of Kansas City, Missouri.

Using Intergraph utilities infrastructure and operations management technology, KCP&L will develop a comprehensive smart grid to improve reliability, increase energy efficiency and reduce costs in support of an urban revitalization program that could become a model for future efforts nationwide. Intergraph will provide KCP&L with its Smart Grid Operations Command-and-Control Center as well as related implementation, project management and training services.

“As an Intergraph customer for 20 years, we are confident in deploying the company’s smart grid technology as the foundation for this crucial project,” said Ed Matthews, smart grid director for KCP&L. “We look forward to expanding our use of Intergraph solutions to provide consolidated command and control of our smart grid network for optimal performance and service.”

KCP&L has relied on Intergraph geographic information system (GIS) technology for many years to efficiently maintain and manage grid assets. The utility also leverages Intergraph InService mobile workforce management technology to empower field crews to work as productively and seamlessly as possible with the back office.

As a new addition to these solutions, KCP&L will now deploy the Intergraph Smart Grid Operations Command-and-Control Center. The command-and-control center will provide a GIS foundation to distribution management and SCADA functionality to maximize grid efficiency. By working with Intergraph on this smart grid project, KCP&L believes it will not only improve service to customers in the designated area, but also create new employment opportunities and foster economic development in Kansas City, as well as create a blueprint for future smart grid projects around the world.

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