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Kansas City Power and Light Leverages Siemens and eMeter for Additional Smart Grid Initiatives

Kansas City Power and Light has selected Siemens Energy, Inc. to implement eMeter EnergyIP, a meter data management system (MDMS) as part of its SmartGrid demonstration project funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). Siemens will provide configuration, testing and integration services into KCP&L's information technology systems. The primary objective of this project is to demonstrate standards-based interoperability between the MDMS and other KCP&L SmartGrid systems.

This standards-based integration will complement the other Siemens' technologies already chosen by KCP&L – Smart-Substation and Spectrum Power distribution management system (DMS). Siemens was selected to partner on this project because of its standards-based implementation processes and commitment to on-time delivery. eMeter was chosen based on its product strength and proven implementations already in the market.

In addition to the integration of eMeter EnergyIP, KCP&L's SmartGrid project includes Siemens' Smart-Substation controller and Spectrum Power DMS. The Smart-Substation controller provides an intelligent substation information technology platform to enable real-time substation and feeder automation, Volt/VAr control and demand management, while Spectrum Power DMS facilitates operations information management and security.

"KCP&L's SmartGrid demonstration project will serve as the foundation to plan and study the feasibility of a broader roll out of the smart grid technologies," said Mike Deggendorf, KCP&L senior vice president of Delivery.

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