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Jemstar Electricity Meter Adds Ethernet Communications Option

Ametek Power Instruments has added Ethernet Communications to its Scientific Columbus JEMStar Revenue Meter, making it easier to configure and retrieve high-accuracy power measurements.

Its Ethernet communication board includes a configurable serial port equipped for RS-232/485 communications. The result is a combination of remote access and local distribution of metering data. In addition to independent communication with the serial port, the Ethernet connection allows up to four simultaneous users.

These virtual connections are protected by multiple levels of password security so that different users have access only to specific information. Similar to the modem and serial ports, the Ethernet connection can be used with other communications protocols, including Modbus, DNP, ANSI Tables and JEM Binary.

The secure Ethernet port also can be used with the JEMWARE Software Utility providing remote meter configurations and site monitoring. Support for fixed or dynamic IP addresses is included making it compatible with any data retrieval software including MV90.

The JEMStar meter features include power quality, site monitoring, and transformer loss compensation. It has a watt-hour accuracy of 0.07% of reading.

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