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JEA Deploys Oracle Customer Care, Billing

JEA, a utility providing electricity and water services to residents in and around Jacksonville, Florida, has implemented Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing to help streamline billing processes and optimize customer satisfaction. JEA effectively managed record traffic in its call centers and branch offices, and processed more than $19 million in payments the first day the system was live.

Providing electricity and water services to more than 360,000 customers in Jacksonville and parts of three adjacent counties, JEA must produce nearly five million bills, process approximately four million payments, respond to almost 1.5 million telephone calls and perform half a million field services at customer locations annually. Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing helps JEA effectively and efficiently manage this high volume of billing and service transactions.

"Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing exceeded our expectations for performance in just the first few days of production," said Marlene Murphy-Roach, vice president of customer relationships, JEA. "Early results indicate that the deployment was, by all standards, successful and our users are adapting rapidly to the new system. The partnership between our business and technology teams as well as BearingPoint -- our management and technology consulting partner -- and Oracle has proven to be a successful model for our future customer information system upgrades."

The largest community-owned utility in Florida and the eighth largest in the United States, JEA is committed to providing customers with prompt and accurate billing, as well as superior service. With Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing, JEA is now able to balance cash drawers every day at the end of a shift within minutes. With Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing, customer service representatives now have a 360-degree view of their customers -- allowing them to more quickly and effectively track, manage and resolve customer queries.

Because it is standards-based, Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing also integrates well with JEA's field service application, improving visibility into real-time customer data and allowing JEA to reduce the duration of customer outages.

Also, by using Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing, JEA was able to leverage the application's rich out-of-the-box functionality, restructuring nearly all of the features created by more than 300 baseline customizations in the company's legacy system. This allowed JEA to eliminate the expense and maintenance of several auxiliary applications including the cashiering and loan billing programs, as well as limit the need for additional costly customizations.

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