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Jackson Energy Authority Selects Network for Fiber-Based Smart Grid

Jackson Energy Authority has selected Tantalus as its Smart Grid technology platform. This deployment marks the fifth utility to implement a Tantalus Homerun Network, which leverages a utility-owned FTTH (Fiber to the Home) network for triple-play media as well as smart grid functionality.

JEA is a municipal utility located midway between Nashville and Memphis that operates an advanced utility-owned fiber-optic network. The huge bandwidth afforded by fiber enables JEA to roll out a range of demand response applications such as Tantalus smart thermostats and load control for residential and C&I customers, in addition to implementing smart metering to over 100,000 electric, water and gas endpoints.

The project also includes strategic deployment of electric meters equipped with remote disconnect under glass switches, which allows JEA to effectively address non-payments and move-in/move-outs directly from its operations center via TUNet, the Tantalus Utility Network. This gives JEA a rapid, reliable and financially practical way to stop and start service without a site visit.

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