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Itron Technology Being Considered by National Grid

National Grid has selected Itron to participate in development of an operational proof-of-concept lab at the utility’s Smart Grid Technology Centre in Syracuse, New York, for testing of Itron smart metering/smart grid technology.

Itron plans to demonstrate total end-to-end responsibility for the foundational elements critical to National Grid’s vision of tomorrow’s smart grid.

The POC will demonstrate how Itron smart grid solutions, including its smart metering system, OpenWay, and Itron Enterprise Edition Meter Data Management, culminate in a smart home, smart meter, smart utility and smart grid.

Itron systems support National Grid goals by enabling bi-directional data communications and system integration; demand response, time-based pricing and remote connect/disconnect functionality for a smart meter; and meter data validation, estimation and editing for a smart utility—all culminating in a smart grid.

Itron, working closely with National Grid, seeks to test a number of its partners’ products including in-home devices and mid-tier IP broadband network communications for the wide-area network backhaul, high-availability distribution automation, and SCADA operations. The system would interface to the utility’s operational information systems.

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