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Itron Systems Ease Utility Migration to Smart Metering

Itron recently completed successful testing between the current release of its IEE MDM solution to provide MDUS with SAP. Communication between the two offerings will help utilities spend less time and money on total advanced metering infrastructure solution design, integration and implementation.

Presenting this end-to-end integration to the SAP AMI Lighthouse Council is a first step toward realizing the larger goals of the council. The council was formed in August 2007 in part to foster integration between meter data unification and synchronization systems like IEE MDM with AMI systems and downstream solutions such as the SAP for Utilities solution portfolio.

The council also works to identify and support common smart metering business processes and use cases that must be supported by IEE MDM and SAP AMI Integration for Utilities. It also defines, supports and tests the critical integration points required to enable common business processes.

SAP for Utilities includes various MDUS integration points, including device creation and management and meter-reading management.

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