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Itron Releases Enterprise Edition Curtailment Manager Software

Itron Inc. announces the latest release of its Enterprise Edition Curtailment Manager application. Curtailment Manager enables utilities to automate the management, execution, and performance reporting for demand response programs and to better prepare for future demand response requirements resulting from the 2005 Energy Policy Act.

By implementing effective demand response programs using Curtailment Manager, utilities can better manage wholesale price risk, defer new power plant projects, lower retail prices and improve customer satisfaction. Utilities have employed Itron curtailment solutions since 2001, and today use it to support more than 2500 MW of curtailable load.

Curtailment Manager is an end-to-end demand response solution delivered via the Internet that allows utilities to offer demand response programs to both commercial and industrial customers and dispatch direct load control events for residential and small commercial customers. Curtailment Manager’s flexible program design enables utilities to offer a wide variety of demand response solutions ranging from traditional incentive-based programs to emerging program types such as demand bidding, critical peak pricing and real-time pricing.

Built on the Itron Enterprise Edition platform, Curtailment Manager can easily be deployed as a stand-alone application or with Itron’s industry-leading Enterprise Edition Meter Data Management solution. Solution highlights include:

  • Flexible program design
  • Automated notification
  • Near real-time event performance monitoring
  • Settlement and event reporting
  • Providing utility end users with a single energy management web interface.

“Curtailment Manager has allowed our clients to better serve their retail customers for many years,” said Philip Mezey, senior vice president of Itron’s software solutions group. “This latest Itron Enterprise Edition release of Curtailment Manager makes it even easier for our utility and retail customers to deploy and grow their offerings, and for end users to more effectively and efficiently manage their energy use and costs.”

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