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Itron Receives Patent for its Distribution Asset Analysis Suite

Itron, Inc. has announced the approval of Patent No. 7089125 to Robert C. Sonderegger of Itron for Distributed Asset Optimization System and Method. This methodology is used in Itron’s Distribution Asset Analysis (DAA) Suite.

DAA is a proactive tool to help utilities identify potential problems with over- and underused transformers before an outage occurs. The typical electric distribution system that brings power from substations to consumers is only designed to meet current and foreseeable demand growth over a number of years. However, energy loads quietly continue to grow with the addition of air conditioners, new appliances, computers and spas so that over a period of time, the distribution system gradually hits and surpasses its capacity.

The Distributed Asset Optimization System and Method is a solution to address the hidden overload problem. It is based on continuous reconciliation of power distributed at the substation with the aggregate power delivered to end users. A weather-sensitive usage model is established for every single end user for purposes of synchronizing usage among all users. It also forecasts future usage.

The power flowing through the distribution system can be calculated for historic conditions and estimated for future conditions. Potential overloads are then identified and pinpointed for equipment upgrade.

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