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Itron Partners with Eka Systems for Two-Way Mobile RF Technology

Itron Inc. has announced a new partnership with Eka Systems to augment its ERT-based Data Collection Suite, with Eka’s mobile wireless technology. The enhanced solution will provide utilities with remote demand reset and time-of-use (TOU) capability with a mobile AMR system. The partnership provides a seamless integration with Itron’s meter reading software platforms.

Under the agreement, Itron can provide utilities with the Eka Systems two-way mobile technology to remotely read and reset demand on Itron Centron solid-state electricity meters and gather data using Itron’s meter reading software platforms. The agreement enables utilities to use the combination of Itron and Eka mobile technologies to retrieve metering data from residential, commercial and industrial meters without changing their existing route structure.

Eka Systems has reliable, Internet-enabled wireless device networking technology for monitoring, control, and integration of the utility and energy infrastructure.

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