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Itron Meter Receives Approval from Measurement Canada

Itron Inc. has received approval from Measurement Canada for its OpenWay Centron electricity meter under Notice of Approval (NOA) AE-1498. With this approval, the device can now be used for revenue billing in Canada.

The OpenWay Centron meter is a truly smart meter for the residential market. The new meter incorporates modular communications systems design and advanced functionality. The meter will provide standardized C12.19 meter data along with the C12.22 Network functionality for an “open” system.

The Centron meter provides the following combination of features:

  • Full two-way communication.
  • Multiple-channel interval data collection.
  • Unlicensed radio frequency communications module.
  • Bi-directional net metering capability.
  • Load-limiting remote disconnect and reconnect.
  • Tamper detection.
  • A built-in communication pathway to the home via ZigBee.
  • Non-Volatile memory storage.

Several utilities are using the OpenWay by Itron system in North America, including Manitoba Hydro in Canada.

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