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Itron-Compatible Smart Grid Communications Gateway Supports AMI

Arcadian Networks has announced a new smart grid communications gateway that advances AMI connectivity to its AE11g platform. The FCC-certified AE11gOW device, the latest product in its SMART Grid Gateway series, integrates the Itron OpenWay cell relay with the Arcadian Networks’ 700 MHz platform. The two companies are currently working toward commercial authorization of the solution.

Arcadian Networks’ Gateway series is a custom line of modular, plug-and-play devices designed with the perspective of the industry’s leading smart grid players. The AE11gOW is among the first devices to put an AMI collector directly into a backhaul radio “box” for smart meter functionality. In fact, the AE11gOW combines three radios in one box -- allowing for simultaneous connectivity and performance of multiple applications including distribution automation, AMI concentrators, and OpenWay smart meters directly connected to the Arcadian private network.

Like other devices in the Gateway series, the AE11gOW seamlessly connects utilities’ WAN and LAN layering with a cost-effective solution -- a solution that integrates successfully with major partners including Cisco, and now Itron.

Arcadian’s proven and unique design, which incorporates multiple radios in one box, simplifies utility networking. All Arcadian Networks technology uses the most widely deployed IP standard in the United States.

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