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iTKO Helps Western Power Rollout a Testing, Validation, Virtualization Strategy for Enterprise

iTKO and Western Power have announced the successful rollout of a new testing strategy for Western Power’s enterprise applications based on iTKO’s LISA product suite. Western Power is developing a new mission-critical customer service application based on this strategy and iTKO LISA software to lower risk, reduce quality assurance costs, and improve time to market.

Western Power project teams are prioritizing testing efforts using the corporation’s Risk Management Guidelines so that the amount of testing applied is proportional to the business risk. “This targeted testing approach ensures that the costs and efforts are commensurate with their importance to the business,” said Leigh Sprlyan, CIO of Western Power. “Obtaining maximum business value for the money is the key driver.”

Western Power’s customer service application is a complex, webMethods-integrated solution that helps the utility company track and resolve thousands of unique customer issues every business day. For a critical support system of this magnitude, increasing the reliability and quality of the software is a must. In addition, a regulatory need for high levels of accuracy and responsiveness to customer issues was a mandated requirement, including reduction in system downtime and errors in a verifiable, repeatable, and auditable form.

As a result, Western Power is implementing a new testing, validation and virtualization strategy leveraging iTKO’s LISA product suite to better meet both regulatory and customer demands. Within months of their adoption of LISA, Western Power has been able to migrate manually coded testing efforts into highly automated tests that provided greater test coverage across the application at lower costs.

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