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IP SCADA for IsatData Pro Delivers End-to-End IP Connectivity via Satellite for Remote SCADA Applications

SkyWave Mobile Communications has introduced the IP SCADA service to work with its IDP series terminals designed for low power, reliability and ease of installation. IP SCADA allows IP-based point-to-point satellite communication connections between small remote sites and SCADA systems where leased lines, GSM, RF or satellite backhaul communications are unavailable, unreliable or cost prohibitive.

For many SCADA networks, implementing a monitoring system that includes visibility of remote isolated sites is cost prohibitive or impossible. With IP SCADA for IsatData Pro, SCADA managers can now remotely connect and communicate with these sites seamlessly over satellite using an IP connection and without any special knowledge or handling of proprietary satellite protocols. There is no infrastructure investment, no antenna pointing, no large solar panels – all the things that make SCADA connectivity in remote areas laborious, cost prohibitive, and often impossible.

IP SCADA advantages include:

  • Plug & play: Provides IP-based connection to existing virtual private networks (VPN) already implemented for existing infrastructure.
  • Infrastructure: No need for capital investment in RF infrastructure for private radio networks.
  • Coverage: With uniform and global satellite coverage, any site around the globe can use IP SCADA. No need to worry about cellular coverage, RF repeaters or quality of service.
  • Low power consumption: IsatData Pro terminals have power consumption for unsolicited exception messages that average less than half a watt of power, eliminating the need to invest in large, expensive solar panels at unpowered sites.
  • Low total cost of ownership: IsatData Pro terminal and airtime packages are the lowest cost SCADA option when compared to similar market solutions. As well, the compact omnidirectional antenna reduces average install time, errors and cost by avoiding a satellite pointing procedure.
  • Safety and environmental protection: IsatData Pro terminals have IP67 rating and can be installed outside without additional protective coverings. For many hazardous installations, Class I Division 2 (C1D2) certification is an additional benefit.
  • Temperature range: Designed for operation across broad temperature ranges, IsatData Pro terminals can operate in some of the world’s most extreme environments.
  • Programmable terminals: With intelligent control and Modbus, IsatData Pro terminals with the IP SCADA service can be used as RTU replacements for sites that monitor analog or digital sensors or connect directly to existing RTUs.


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