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Integrys Energy Group Renews with Fiserv as Provider for Electronic Billing, Payment Solutions

Fiserv, Inc. has extended its business relationship with the six utilities under Integrys Energy Group that provides gas and electricity to approximately 2.2 million customers across Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin. A Fiserv client since 2002, Integrys selected Fiserv to be its provider for electronic billing and payment solutions across multiple channels. Fiserv will continue to enable electronic billing and payment at Integrys websites (enrolled and one-time options), distribution of Integrys e-bills to consumer online banking sites, and phone payments.

Integrys recently enhanced the electronic billing and payment capabilities at the company's websites by upgrading to Biller Direct HV from Fiserv, a hosted bill payment and presentment application that has already rendered a significant increase in e-bill adoption and automatic payment enrollments.

Improving paperless billing rates is an imperative for Integrys because it can lead to increases in both efficiency and customer satisfaction while benefitting the environment. While the company had an existing solution, it needed to improve the consumer experience to achieve its aggressive goals.

Biller Direct HV is expected to help Integrys satisfy customer needs by providing convenience and being environmentally friendly. It will also improve profitability by reducing paper bill delivery, paper check processing and exception handling. Another benefit of Biller Direct HV is its more prominent display of the Auto Pay feature. Several of the utilities have experienced a 20 percent increase in automatic payments that are made an average of two weeks before the due date. This helps customers stay current on their utility bills and accelerates revenue collection for Integrys.

Fiserv is a founding member of the NACHA PayitGreen Alliance, which promotes reducing paper use by encouraging customers to use electronic billing and automatic payments. Integrys also has a strong history of environmental advocacy, which includes rebates to customers to promote energy efficiency, involvement with and donations to organizations such as the Arbor Day Foundation, and the introduction of greener products, such as energy from renewable resources.

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