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Integrated Power System Analysis Solution Available for ArcFM GIS

Operation Technology, Inc. has announced the ability to provide access to OTI’s ETAP power system analysis platform via Telvent Miner & Miner’s ArcFM product. ArcFM is an ESRI-based Geographic Information System (GIS) facilities management solution. This integration will provide the electrical utility sector with the platform to simplify power system analysis using data extracted from the GIS.

With ETAP, electrical engineering professionals can perform a variety of electrical analyses, including short circuit, unbalanced load flow, transient stability, reliability assessment and many others. Results can be extracted and displayed in the ArcFM Solution application.

By integrating the ETAP GIS interface module with the ArcFM Solution, electric utilities will be able to engage in a more efficient design process by making better informed decisions based on both physical conditions and analysis criteria. In addition, users will have the capability to design and evaluate projects for a variety of conditions directly in the GIS database.

“This solution provides an added value offering to our joint customers, allowing them to gain greater insight into their electrical power systems,” says Shervin Shokooh, vice president of engineering for OTI. “ETAP provides system analysis capabilities utilizing both offline and real-time system data. Our clients can now use the ETAP GIS interface to gather relevant on-demand information within the context of their GIS-based electrical power systems.”

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