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Integral Analytics Partners with Aleri for Real-Time Energy Grid Management

Aleri Inc. is partnering with Integral Analytics to develop real-time energy grid management solutions for energy and utility companies. The two companies are providing 21st century smart energy grid management solutions that can be quickly implemented and are easily extensible to deliver short- and long-term return on investment. The two companies successfully implemented this technology last summer in a pilot for a Midwestern utility, and are currently implementing the same system for a larger pilot in a separate service territory.

Managing energy grids and the many resources involved—such as generation, external supply, demand and consumption—requires a sophisticated, real-time analytic application suite and infrastructure. As energy and utility firms drill-down into various aspects of these solutions, they find managing components of the problem are challenging on their own.

As an example, early stage smart meters and smart meter networks present data processing and management challenges such as intermittent or unreliable data. Using CEP technology to provide Continuous Intelligence allows the firms to quickly address these underlying data processing problems to deliver initial value and ROI in customer-facing processes, such as billing, while also implementing real-time components that will be part of a larger smart energy grid management suite.

Implementing a solution that includes CEP software adds speed, reliability and scalability to any smart energy grid project. The Integral Analytics/Aleri solution exploits the processing speed and scalability of Aleri’s CEP technology with the advanced mathematical analytics developed by Integral Analytics. The joint solution transforms the data collected by the smart grid into complete intelligent solution for utilities that optimizes all smart grid resources (customers, distributed generation, and distributed storage) at the systems level. With this technology, the utility can micro-dispatch appliances, electric vehicles, photovoltaic generation, wind generation, and distributed storage units to maximize its value, given customer-established constraints, cost of service, compliance histories, expected load, and market prices.

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