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India's Tata Power Selects OSI’s Monarch for Project in Mumbai

Open Systems International, Inc. and Indian partner, Chemtrols Ltd. have been awarded a comprehensive new contract by the Tata Power Co., Ltd. of Mumbai, India: a multiphase project to upgrade the automation infrastructure that serves the central Mumbai and surrounding areas. The scope of this contract includes the replacement of multiple, nodal SCADA systems that monitor and control district level grids, as well as a new unified master system and Operator Training Simulator, intended to manage all grid operations from the Central Control Room (CCR) at Tata Power’s headquarters in Mumbai.

Originally founded more than nine decades ago, Tata Power is India’s largest private utility, currently maintaining a generation capacity of more than 3000 MW and servicing millions of India consumers. The company uses a variety of generation resources that include thermal, hydro, solar and wind power. Apart from Mumbai and Delhi, Tata Power has generation capacities in Jojobera, Jharkhand and Karnataka, and has undertaken and completed various international projects throughout the region.

Phase One of this project—the replacement and upgrade of three of Tata Power’s seven nodal SCADA systems throughout Mumbai and implementation of a state-of-the-art new Unified SCADA system at Tata Power’s Mumbai CCR—is poised to significantly improve and modernize Tata Power’s Mumbai power transmission and distribution grid operations, through the unification and consolidation of real-time grid monitoring and control; resulting in a dramatic enhancement in operational efficiency, cyber-security and overall system reliability.

This new SCADA project is set to include an advanced distributed and multi-tiered real-time data management system and synchronization between nodal and master stations, also featuring advanced Operator Training Simulator functionality and employing OSI’s Data Engineering and Maintenance Subsystem; Real-time and Historical Trending; Communications Front-end Processing; Inter-Control Center Communications Protocol (ICCP); Historical Information System and Data Archiving; Real-time Calculations; Alarm Management; Energy Accounting; Common Information Model Interface; Switching Order Management; and Quality of Service Indices products, as well as the enhanced functionality of OSI’s premier Microsoft® .NET based Graphical User Interface.

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