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Illinois Utility Selects ArcFM and ArcFM Viewer

Chatham Utilities has selected Telvent's ArcFM Solution for mapping, planning, and managing its electric, water, and wastewater facilities. The ArcFM Solution provides spatial data access throughout the utility department and a mobile viewing solution for engineering and operations. Chatham Utilities has 5100 electric, water, and sewer customers located in central Illinois, just south of Springfield. As part of its field inventory process, Chatham Utilities will incorporate its existing aerial photography and parcel land base data to improve the management of its utility infrastructure. ArcFM provided the right extension to ArcGIS to enable it to manage all these assets within a single application. The goal of the project was to deploy a solution that helps Chatham Utilities maintain facility data, trace and isolate areas for electric outages and water main breaks, while eliminating the costly and time consuming paper map process. During the implementation, ArcFM will be integrated with CIS data to populate customer information linked to meter locations for both the electric and water systems. Chatham Utilities anticipates the electric system implementation will be completed by the fall of 2008. The utility will continue with field data collection to inventory water and sewer networks. Chatham Utilities is also planning to expand this project in 2009 by implementing the Responder outage management solution.

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