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IHS and OSIsoft Announce Alliance for Enterprise Sustainability Management

IHS and OSIsoft have announced an alliance agreement to meet surging global demand for data collection, integration and information management solutions focused on enterprise sustainability management (ESM).

Experts at IHS and OSIsoft see companies from multiple industry sectors straining to address ESM challenges with disparate manual processes, spreadsheets and one-off legacy systems that cannot collect, aggregate or analyze vast quantities of data quickly or accurately enough to meet their needs. With increased economic and social pressures, more and more companies are looking to implement sustainability solutions for their enterprise. Easily accessible real-world data from all operational areas is the cornerstone of robust sustainability solutions. When implemented correctly, sustainability solutions help businesses perform better while also operating in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. IHS and OSIsoft are collaborating to deliver the data, expertise, and tools companies need to improve operations and achieve their sustainability goals.

IHS and OSIsoft have established a record working together on a variety of environmental, health, safety and sustainability (EHS&S) projects. For example, a major electric power utility in Asia is using a combined IHS and OSIsoft solution to process five million real-time records per month along with vast quantities of historic data. By automating the continuous flow of data from OSIsoft process data systems into the enterprise-wide EHS&S solution from IHS, this power utility has reduced the time required to collect, validate, substitute, calculate and generate more than 100 reports each month while improving the reliability and auditability of its results. Integration of IHS and OSIsoft systems helps the utility comply with combustion emission regulations and voluntary corporate goals. The IHS and OSIsoft systems are also used to optimize electricity product based on fuel inventory, demand forecast and environmental impact.

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