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Hydro-Quebec to Commercialize HYPERSIM Real-Time Power System Simulator

Hydro-Quebec and OPAL-RT Technologies have concluded a strategic collaboration agreement for the commercialization of the HYPERSIM power system simulator. As a result, this technology will now be available to public utilities, equipment manufacturers, universities and research facilities.

HYPERSIM is a real-time digital simulation platform developed by Hydro-Quebec's research institute, IREQ, and designed to improve power system performance and reliability. Used on a daily basis and constantly upgraded by Hydro-Quebec, this technology has numerous applications, including studies on complex, large-scale power systems; closed-loop testing of control and protection systems to validate performance and facilitate commissioning; development, improvement and assessment of new control and protection concepts and simulation of wind farms connected to the transmission system.

HYPERSIM harnesses the power of an SGI parallel supercomputer and includes modules for interfacing with the control systems being tested. It incorporates a power system diagram editor and an extensive block library covering all elements of the power system (electricity generation, transmission and distribution). There is also a graphical interface that enables the user to create customized models, a data acquisition and processing system to view and analyze simulation results and a test sequence programming function allowing thousands of statistical tests to be run with no user intervention.

OPAL-RT has added HYPERSIM to its catalog of power system simulators.

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