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Hunt Technologies, Guardian to Partner on Prepay Metering Development Project

Hunt Technologies, Inc., a global provider of automatic meter reading (AMR) solutions, and Guardian Prepayment Systems have announced they are entering into an agreement to develop an AMR-enabled prepaid metering solution for residential applications. Hunt and Guardian will jointly develop a system for use with a solid-state residential meter and Hunt Technologies’ TS2 two-way, power line carrier AMR system.

Guardian, which has extensive experience developing prepaid systems, will license software and hardware technology to Hunt. Hunt’s TS2 system will provide the communication link between the meter and the utility.

“The development of a prepaid metering option will add another level of capabilities to Hunt’s complete AMR solutions,” said Todd Headlee, Hunt’s chief operating officer.

AMR-controlled prepay metering offers a number of unique benefits for both the utility and the customer, including:

  • Reducing the utility’s billing costs in high turnover accounts, such as college campuses, time-shares, and resort cabins or condominiums.
  • Providing an easier interface for the consumer by transmitting purchased power to the meter without the need for magnetic cards.
  • Allowing utilities to instantly recognize accurate revenue and audit the system through the daily meter reading data using TS2 power line carrier technology.
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