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Hungarian Power Distribution Companies Plan Advanced Network Control System

Telvent will be supplying its distribution management system components for an advanced network control system planned by Hungarian power distribution companies EMASZ Halozati Kft Miskolc and ELMU Halozati Kft Budapest. This new network control system will serve nearly half of Hungary’s electric consumers. Hungarian automation engineering company PROLAN, supported by Telvent, was awarded the project.

EMASZ’s electric distribution operation is headquartered in Miskolc and serves areas in northeast Hungary. ELMU’s service area covers Budapest and surrounding regions. The ability to leverage PROLAN and Telvent’s integrated, scalable solution will enable EMASZ and ELMU to efficiently plan, design, and operate a reliable and efficient smart electric grid to better serve more than 1.5 million customers.

EMASZ and ELMU will implement advanced Telvent EMS and DMS network applications and functionalities to help coordinate all network facilities. EMASZ and ELMU will improve operation performances and the quality of power supply with the new solution.

The EMASZ system is expected to be implemented in two years, with the ELMU system to follow. The project agreement, contracted in September 2009, also calls for integrating Telvent DMS with existing IT systems, including: GIS, workforce management system, SAP modules, and external business systems.

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