Hosted Online Customer Portal Provides Consumers with Specific Data, Actionable Usage Analysis

Verdeeco has unveiled a configurable online customer portal application that electric utilities can offer their customers. This hosted application can be customized to offer specific and actionable data regarding energy consumption, allowing the customer to view their energy usage at the smallest interval increment that the utility collects and also enabling the customer to tag special events including energy efficiency improvements.

The customer portal increases a utility's interaction and engagement with customers through an affordable and efficient online outlet that educates consumers on their energy usage. Deployment of the customer portal is nearly automatic, which makes it easy for utilities to add to their existing customer offerings.

Verdeeco is introducing its customer portal application as consumer trends point toward a desire to improve energy efficiency and to better understand their personal usage patterns.  A 2013 Pike Research whitepaper revealed how evolving behaviors within the energy industry can have lasting effects on consumption. The paper, entitled, "Effective Customer Engagement: Utilities Must Speak Customers' Language," states, "utilities that successfully engage their customers have reported peak consumption reductions up to 30 percent greater than non-peak reductions."


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