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Hawaiian Electric To Implement Grid Optimization Technology

Hawaiian Electric To Implement Grid Optimization Technology

Hawaiian Electric, in collaboration with DVI, a grid-optimization subsidiary of Dominion Resources, has executed a license agreement for the use of DVI's EDGE advanced Grid Optimization solution.

EDGE will initially be deployed benefitting 5,200 customers as part of a larger grid modernization program that includes AMI from Silver Spring Networks and various other smart-grid technologies.  As it relates to EDGE, this program will highlight the benefits of AMI-based voltage optimization for the purposes of energy savings, demand reduction and reliability, allowing further integration of renewables on the islands.

The company continues to focus on grid modernization efforts that benefit the consumer and the utility. The move represents the first phase of a plan that would develop smart grids across Oahu in Maui County and on Hawaii Island by 2018, and covers customers in Moanalua Valley and portions of Pearl City, Diamond Head, Kaimuki, Kahala and Waikiki.

"The state of Hawaii presents a strong business case for the use of the EDGE® grid optimization technology. Optimizing voltage allows for a reduction in energy consumption, thereby reducing expensive fuel costs. At the same time, the distribution grid is stabilized, allowing for increased use of renewables—a win-win.  DVI is proud to be part of Hawaii Electric's grid modernization efforts," said Todd Headlee, DVI's executive director.

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