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Harris Utilities Introduces CustomerConnect

Harris Utilities has formally released CustomerConnect, the customer engagement solution that brings the intelligence and value of the smart infrastructure directly to residential and commercial consumers. CustomerConnect can be implemented in any utility, regardless of existing smart grid technology.

“CustomerConnect puts power in the hands of consumers. It gives them the tools to track their energy usage in real time, notify their utilities of service interruptions and adjust their habits to save money and reach conservation goals,” says Norm Daigle, executive vice-president of CustomerConnect.

CustomerConnect helps utilities meet government regulatory requirements, grow public participation in key conservation programs and facilitate business process improvements to save money in the short- and long-term.

CustomerConnect establishes an open and direct relationship between utilities and their customers. It allow consumers to:

  • view business and household consumption patterns on a near-real-time basis, and in easy-to-understand graphic and tabular formats,
  • design and receive fully customizable reports for delivery to any electronic device,
  • monitor excessive-consumption patterns,
  • download targeted educational material,
  • create multiple account profiles, and
  • access account data from their smart phones or tablets.

CustomerConnect helps homeowners and businesses measure, monitor and manage usage patterns, access targeted educational materials and address account questions without ever needing to contact the utility’s customer service representatives. It is entirely modular. Utilities can pick and choose from specific applications and modules that are important at the time of implementation, then later grow CustomerConnect according to their evolving needs and the changing needs of their customers.

Behind the scenes, CustomerConnect offers a series of features and benefits for utilities. It:

  • operates seamlessly with any vendor’s advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), meter data management (MDM) application and customer information system (CIS),
  • can be easily branded and customized by a utility administrator to suit customers’ particular needs,
  • collects and displays data on a near-real-time basis, thereby eliminating the need for utilities to store customer-consumption data,
  • enables service staff to access customer-account data in the same way as end users, and
  • facilitates the marketing of specific information to targeted user groups.

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