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Halton Hills Hydro Selects Elster’s For Smart Grid Interval Data Reading

Halton Hills Hydro, an affiliate of Halton Hills Community Energy Corp., has selected Elster’s EnergyAxis System to help the utility better manage Ontario’s energy resources.

“Halton Hills Hydro has shown a very strong project structure and has impressed us with its due diligence in looking at alternatives,” said Jack Robertson, president and general manager, Elster Metering, Canada. “In particular we are excited about deploying EnergyAxis into a largely rural application, demonstrating the strength of Elster’s EnergyAxis mesh network.”

As part of Ontario’s Smart Meter Initiative, the Ontario government has established a goal of collecting hourly interval data from every home in the province by 2010. The EnergyAxis System will allow Halton Hills Hydro to interpret the collected hourly usage data, and then implement actions to help its consumers better understand and manage their electricity usage while supporting the utility’s energy conservation efforts.

Art Skidmore, Halton Hills Hydro’s COO, said, “Halton looked into various options, and visited Elster installations to better understand the capability of the system and organization. We were very pleased with what we found in our investigations around Elster and are excited to be working with Elster in this important project.”

Halton Hills Hydro is the first of a second wave of Ontario utilities that are implementing AMI technology. Elster’s EnergyAxis System is already employed by other Ontario utilities and currently gathers more than 1 million meter points of hourly billing data from a wide variety of Ontario energy consumers.

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