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Gulf Power to Deploy EnergyInsights Suite of Online Applications

Pensacola, Florida-based Gulf Power Company, a subsidiary of Southern Company, has selected Apogee Interactive's EnergyInsights suite of online applications to assist business customers in managing energy costs.

Taking a few key inputs from the customer, EnergyInsights draws on Apogee’s proprietary energy analysis system, the utility’s billing history for that facility, and actual weather data to produce a detailed view of the facility’s energy consumption. EnergyInsights then compares the results to Apogee’s extensive commercial energy database to generate specific recommendations for improving energy efficiency.

“The rising cost of doing business is always on the minds of our commercial customers. That includes energy,” said Mitzi Shanks, mass market marketing administrator. “Placing EnergyInsights on our Website will give customers a tool they can use, at their convenience, to analyze and adjust energy consumption.”

Shanks added that Gulf Power commercial field representatives will also use EnergyInsights to help conduct energy audits and produce custom audit reports for customers more quickly. Likewise, utility customer service representatives in call centers can also access and use EnergyInsights when working with customers over the phone.

“When business customers can conduct self-service on a utility’s website, everyone wins,” said Susan Gilbert, president of Apogee. “The utility saves money through decreased transaction costs, the customer is more satisfied by having answers when they need them, and utility employees are more productive all around.”

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