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Guam Power Authority Installing New Metering System

Apex CoVantage is providing the necessary services, software, and facilities for the installation of approximately 50,000 AMI electric meters across the island in support of the Guam Power Authority's Smart Grid Initiative.

As the next stage in GPA's smart grid deployment, the new metering system will enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of overall energy use and operations throughout the island. GPA selected Apex to maximize its return on investment in smart grid technologies by capitalizing on Apex's process-driven workforce management system, ProField, intelligent GIS integration, and highly customized customer engagement programs.

Guam Power Authority (GPA) is working to accelerate the modernization of its electric grid infrastructure through deployment of Smart Grid technologies that will support the strategic delivery of energy saving services to their customers. With financial support through a Smart Grid Implementation Grant (SGIG), GPA's integrated solution provides automation to the island's electric distribution system, smart electric meters to their more than 45,000 customers, and the infrastructure necessary to support two-way flow of energy and information. The purpose of the initiative is to:

  • Improve reliability and stability of electric system, including outage management
  • Reduce operating costs and manage peak demand
  • Inform and educate consumers in retail and wholesale electricity markets
  • Accommodate distributed generation

Apex will also provide field management and training services to technicians in order to safeguard the long-term benefits of GPA's new system. Metering is projected to create up to 20 full-time jobs on the island. Installations will be strategically chosen so that the implementation does not disrupt GPA's normal business operations.

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