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Gridpoint Joins Silver Spring Networks Technology Alliance

GridPoint Inc. has joined Silver Spring Networks Technology Alliance Partner Program as a founding member. Silver Spring Networks provides real-time, in-band connectivity to support communication across GridPoint’s smart grid platform.

GridPoint has started a smart grid platform that applies information technology to the electric grid. The intelligent platform enables utilities to aggregate and control distributed energy resources at the point of consumption – the home or business. Utilities efficiently balance supply and demand, leverage clean technologies and reduce the need to build new power plants.

GridPoint’s platform enables utilities to control loads, store energy and produce power in a manner that provides the same central control of traditional generation (power plants). During peak periods, utilities efficiently balance supply and demand by discharging stored power from distributed energy storage assets (e.g., advanced batteries) or by reducing customers’ non-essential loads through advanced demand management (i.e., the ability to measure, control and verify loads by type).

Additionally, GridPoint’s smart charging capability enables utilities to control the charging of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) regardless of when consumers plug in their PHEVs, which is anticipated to be in the early evening when peak demand is high. Utilities can limit peak load growth as well as offer customers significantly reduced charging costs by billing lower rates for off-peak charging.

Silver Spring Networks creates the critical networking infrastructure for the Smart Grid, known as a Smart Energy Network. Based on the Internet Protocol (IP) suite, it addresses the challenges of running multiple applications and devices on a common networking infrastructure using multiple transport technologies, dramatically improving efficiency, lowering costs and ensuring the reliable delivery of services.

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