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Grid Net Extends Full Software Support for 3G Public Cellular Smart Grid Deployments

Grid Net has extended its software platform and added a wide range of new features to support 3G public cellular smart grid deployments. The Grid Net Platform v2.7, available immediately, brings compelling performance and feature functionality to both telecom carriers and utilities.

The Grid Net Platform, a centrally managed, highly distributed smart grid network operating system, now supports more point-to-point public and private broadband networks – including 4G WiMAX, 4G LTE, Ethernet over Fiber Optic, and 3G UMTS and EVDO CDMA cellular – than any other smart grid platform in market today.

The evolution of traditional cellular voice and data networks to machine-to-machine (M2M) networks brings a leap in device density from hundreds per cell to tens of thousands per cell. These massively dense networks require sophisticated optimization and security techniques to protect and most effectively utilize critical network resources. That's why the Grid Net Platform v2.7 natively features:

  • Application framework for M2M network optimization: The Grid Net Platform v2.7 provides powerful and configurable tools to optimize massively scalable cellular network access and admission control, control signaling, content distribution, communications network health and service restoration, and power distribution service restoration.
  • Content distribution optimization and control: The Grid Net Platform v2.7 significantly reduces bandwidth usage by providing secure, digitally-signed differential firmware upgrades.
  • Off-peak network utilization: The Grid Net Platform v2.7 provides powerful control for operators to distribute content like firmware upgrades (differential or monolithic) during off-peak times.
  • Differential state synchronization: Grid Net’s centrally managed, highly distributed architecture means the state of all managed devices is known at all times. The Grid Net Platform v2.7 optimizes management of the provisioned state of networks to reduce bandwidth usage.
  • Configurable connectivity: The Grid Net Platform v2.7 provides Grid Net-enabled devices with configurable network connectivity models to prevent unnecessary network resource consumption. Emergency connections are permitted without delay, but all non-essential traffic may be scheduled according to resource availability and priority.

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