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Grand River Dam Authority Awards Outage Coordination Software Contract

Sun-Net Consulting Inc., based in San Jose, California, has been awarded an Outage Scheduling, Coordination, Switching and Logging Enterprise software contract for Sun-Net’s TOA Outage Application suite by Grand River Dam Authority.

Grand River Dam Authority (GRDA) is a transmission operator and balancing authority that operates in 24 counties in northeastern Oklahoma and small portions of Arkansas, Kansas, and Missouri.

“I appreciate that GRDA is providing Sun-Net the opportunity to join the GRDA team to implement TOA suite.” said Helen Hu, president of Sun-Net Consulting. “TOA will help GRDA streamline and simplify its outage coordination process as well as help GRDA to unify the practice to write and process switching orders and give system operators an efficient tool in logging for real-time operation.”

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