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German Utility Employs All-Native Packet Optical Transport Platform

Amprion has chosen ECI’s BroadGate solutions to support its energy mission-critical operations. Amprion is Germany’s largest ultra-high voltage grid operator, servicing more than 27 million customers over 11,000 km of ultra-high voltage lines.

Amprion is deploying the BroadGate All-Native Packet Optical Transport (BG) family, part of ECI’s 1Net solutions for the transition to next-generation networks. By deploying the BG-64, Amprion will renew its intelligent communication infrastructure. For this project, ECI will deliver a few hundred BG-64 platforms

The BG family brings tangible benefits to Amprion, such as cost-effective native support of both TDM and Ethernet, reduced footprint, minimized power consumption, and optimized operational expenses.

ECI is working on this project with 3M Services. ECI and 3M have been partners for the past 10 years, offering solutions for the utility market in Germany.

With the BG-64, ECI is providing Amprion with a seamless, future-proof transition path to next-generation networks. A fit for the utility/utelco market, the BG-64 is a compact, all-native packet optical transport platform that supports efficiently both legacy and next-generation services from 64 Kbps and up to STM-64 and from 10 Mbps and up to 10 Gbps. This platform addresses the specific requirements of utilities with strict reliability and resilience features necessary to support mission critical operations

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