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Georgia's Cobb Energy Implements Oracle Customer Care, Billing

Cobb Energy, Marietta, Georgia, has implemented Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing to replace several inflexible and expensive-to-maintain legacy systems. The company is running this application on Oracle Database.

-- With Oracle, Cobb Energy has greatly improved operational efficiency, reducing the time needed to complete nightly batch processes, including uploading meter reads and payments and bill creation, by nearly 80 percent -- from 36 hours to seven hours.

-- Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing allows Cobb Energy to monitor bill accuracy with much less manual effort and train staff efficiently on the application to increase user adoption.

-- Cobb Energy has experienced a significant reduction in turn-around time for configuration changes -- allowing the company to reduce its IT costs and bring its bill design in-house.

-- Cobb Energy offers the Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing application to other organizations, including Cobb Electric, Gas South and Interlink Controls on a hosted, application-service-provider basis, allowing access to a leading-edge billing system with less investment in infrastructure and personnel.

-- Cobb Energy recently received the Expanding Excellence Award for "Best CIS Implementation" at CSWeek 2008.

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