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GE Smart Meters to be Used in AEP Ohio’s Smart Grid Demonstration

AEP Ohio will purchase 110,000 GE smart meters as part of AEP’s recently announced gridSMART demonstration project in northeast central Ohio. These meters will give consumers the information to make informed choices about when and how they use electricity—enabling them to lower their electric bills without sacrificing lifestyle.

The GE meters are equipped with Silver Spring Networks’ IP-based network technology, which creates a secure and intelligent communications platform for the smart grid. This platform enables two-way communications between the utility and consumers, supporting critical peak and time-of-use pricing and more.

This meter deployment, expected to begin in 2010, is part of AEP’s overall gridSMART initiative. AEP also installed GE smart meters as part of its smart meter pilot project in South Bend, Indiana. In addition to the meter infrastructure, GE also is working with AEP to implement technologies that will improve efficiency and productivity of the grid through improved automation and IT systems.

For example, GE is working with AEP to deploy technologies that help reduce electrical losses on power lines. In addition, AEP has implemented GE asset optimization solutions to maximize the life and performance of aging assets, while reducing the risk of unexpected transformer failure and unplanned outages—ultimately improving reliability for consumers.

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