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Garrettcom Targets IP Video for Surveillance

Bandwidth-hungry video surveillance at industrial sites is one of the fastest growing applications for IP switches. GarrettCom, Inc. now offers a suite of products, including its new high-bandwidth industrial-hardened Ethernet switch, unique switch-level multicast video feed technology, and modular Power over Ethernet capability to provide easily installed, easily maintained remote security systems.

IP-enabled video is a growing market as security-conscious industrial sites consider options for perimeter and internal surveillance. Ethernet technology simplifies deployment and use of video cameras, badge scanners, and other security devices.

6K25e Managed Ethernet Switch
The company’s new Magnum 6K25e Managed Ethernet Switch supports up to eight 1 GB ports in a compact 1U rack-mount switch. The Magnum 6K25e switches can manage both high priority streaming traffic, such as security cameras, VoIP, and identity scanners, and the bursty data traffic typical of manufacturing operations. The Magnum 6K25e, like all Magnum 6K products, is designed to be modular, so that customers may choose a combination of port types to meet their needs.

IGMP-L2 Multicast Video Feed Support
The company’s unique IGMP-L2 technology supports multicast video feeds on surveillance cameras in remote substations and other industrial Ethernet subnet deployments. Using the same logic as the industry-standard Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP), IGMP-L2 offers a less complex and less expensive alternative for linking multiple live video cameras and monitors within an industrial site. IGMP requires ISO Layer 3 central-office switches and routers that add complexity and expense to bandwidth-conserving multicasting for streaming video support; GarrettCom’s hardened Ethernet switches, designed for deployment in factories and harsh environments, are ISO Layer 2 networking devices.

The Magnum 6K25e switch also supports IGMP Snooping, an industry-standard technology that reduces bandwidth waste at the ISO Layer 2 level while still using at least one ISO Layer 3 router in the network.

IGMP-L2 and IGMP Snooping are integrated into GarrettCom’s powerful MNS-6K network management software that provides sophisticated network management, security and redundancy.

Power over Ethernet
Security devices, such as video cameras and ID scanners may be attached over traditional Ethernet copper and fiber media, or may use the newer Power over Ethernet (PoE) connections that enable deployment of security devices, powered via Ethernet cabling in areas where it is difficult, expensive, or impossible to feed AC or DC power lines.

Video Surveillance Applications
GarrettCom recently provided the network infrastructure for a unique security system guarding Jumeirah Palm Island in Dubai, including access control not only for the island, but also for private roads and private residences. The company’s products have been deployed around the world in video surveillance applications including light rail systems, condo complexes, community monitoring, highway traffic control, power substations, airports and parking lots, freight handling and port facilities, mining, and other industrial sites.

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