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GarrettCom Expands Physical, Cyber Security Support For Surveillance

GarrettCom, Inc. has rolled out hardware and software products designed to deliver a high level of physical and cyber security in industrial security and surveillance applications. Products include:

  • GarrettCom's new Magnum DX940, an industrial router configurable with both cellular wireless and a full range of wireline ports.
  • Extended IPSec and VPN security capabilities in the company's MNS-DX router software, which provide interoperability with the broadest possible range of Enterprise routers.
  • Distribution rights for GE MDS wireless LAN extension products and backhaul from GE Digital Energy to support solution systems for secure wireless transmissions among dispersed industrial facilities in areas such as power utilities, and energy production.

GarrettCom's Magnum DX940 expands the company's line of industrial routers with a powerful but compact product that is configurable with both 3G wireless and a full range of copper cable and fiber wireline ports. It is the first DX router to incorporate GarrettCom's port-module flexibility that offers a wide variety of configurations within the same router base package.

The Magnum DX family of routers will be available with Version 3.0 of GarrettCom's MNS-DX router software, which offers the kind of cyber security features and richness required for secure surveillance and access control in industrial networks. The MNS-DX software supports a wide range of cyber security capabilities covering both electronic perimeter protection for remote sites and management security for the DX line of routers themselves. Because MNS-DX offers interoperability with the broadest available range of IPsec/VPN standards, it ensures secure transmission of security and surveillance data - even when transmitted over a public carrier or a wireless connection. For a full list of DX940 Industrial Router features and benefits, please click here. For complete information on MNS-DX IPsec and VPN capabilities, see the technical brief "Secure Access with VPN Technology in Industrial Networks."

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