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Garrettcom Expands Cyber Security Products for Critical Infrastructure Networks

Cyber security is a critical component of modern industrial networks, especially those serving Critical Infrastructure sectors such as power utilities, transportation facilities and pipeline operations. A set of new networking products software releases from GarrettCom, Inc. enable advanced security capabilities to be integrated into new and existing industrial networks, including those facing extreme environmental conditions and close regulatory scrutiny. Rigorous network perimeter security via IP Firewall, IPsec VPN and serial-port SSL capabilities is now available in the company’s Magnum DX40 and DX800 compact hardened security appliances. Secure network management using encrypted protocols is now available across the Magnum 6K and DX product lines.

New software releases include MNS-6K-Secure for Magnum Ethernet switches, and MNS-DX Release 1.3 for Magnum DX routers and terminal servers. These software releases continue GarrettCom’s focus on the comprehensive Magnum Secure Network Framework (MSNF), which consists of six key elements, defined to promote best practices in network security:

  • Secure Network Management
  • Perimeter Security
  • Serial and Ethernet Port Security
  • Access Control
  • Network Back-up and Recovery
  • Legacy Non-Routable Protocol Secure Transport

GarrettCom’s Magnum Secure Networking initiative, including MSNF, is largely spurred by the power utility industry’s stringent NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection standards for cyber security. The new software releases are dominated by security-focused features and include other features more generally applicable to flexible, high-performance industrial networking.

MNS-6K-Secure is a new version of GarrettCom’s MNS-6K network management software for Ethernet switches. It adds secure management via SSH to SNMPv3 and RADIUS/TACACS+ and SSL access security capabilities. MNS-6K-Secure also adds expanded system logging capability, increased concurrent network management users, DHCP server capabilities, and larger numbers of VLANs.

MNS-DX 1.3 expands IP firewall capabilities with NAT/PAT, DHCP server and filtering capabilities along with IPsec VPN support including X.509 certificate options. Also included is management security via SSH and SNMPv3, and support for ModBus-TCP to ModBus-RTU inter-networking.

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