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Freewave and Arcadian Networks Deliver 700MHz Wireless Radio

FreeWave Technologies and Arcadian Networks have delivered a new 700 MHz wireless radio to serve the energy industry. The announcement comes just six months after the two companies announced a joint strategic partnership.

The delivery of the 700 MHz radio to the marketplace provides an opportunity for electric utilities and oil and gas companies to incorporate an advanced ISM band radio technology and wireless data solutions on a 700 MHz private, licensed and secure communication platform as a single, seamless and integrated “Smart Grid” or “Smart Field” solution. Arcadian Networks and FreeWave will each market, sell and distribute FreeWave’s 700MHz radio providing electric utilities and oil and gas companies’ greater equipment diversity and flexible bandwidth and deployment options.

The FreeWave Technologies 700 MHz family of board level radios provides outstanding performance and versatility in a small footprint that is suitable for internally mounted applications. The board level radio allows customers to incorporate wireless communications into a wide variety of applications. Interface options are available, with a 6-30 VDC input voltage, a temperature range of -30°C to +70°C, surface-mount design, and no additional RF shielding.

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